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No Coles and No Mason? Now what?

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With the Coles deal dead and Mason supposedly narrowing it down to Jax or the NYG (god no) now what do the Jets do? For some reason I think the media hype of the Coles deal could have stalled negotations elsewhere. I want nothing to do with Plaxico so now what? Will Santana be disgruntled here and maybe hold out?

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not true.....says here there still interested in mason

Jets: Swap of WRs with Redskins appears dead

Sunday, February 27, 2005


Star-Ledger Staff

INDIANAPOLIS -- The deal collapsed within 24 hours. The Jets and Redskins will not trade wide receivers, after all.

Laveranues Coles is not leaving Washington for a return engagement with the Jets. And Santana Moss isn't headed to the Redskins. The stumbling blocks that the agreement -- reached Friday -- had from the outset proved to be glacier-sized barriers.

By noon yesterday at the NFL scouting combine, Redskins coach Joe Gibbs was pessimistic the trade would be executed.

"I'd say it's not very likely," Gibbs said. "That's my general feeling on it."

His general feeling couldn't have gotten better as the day progressed.

The deal-killer came when the Jets learned from Coles' agent, Roosevelt Barnes, that the receiver would seek a significantly more generous contract if he was dealt to New York. According to someone aware of that conversation, the Jets were not receptive.

So the swap, which would not have become official until the NFL's trading period begins Wednesday, has been shelved. While there remains a possibility talks could resume after a cooling-off period, that seemed unlikely last night.

Coles signed a seven-year, $35-million contract when he joined the Redskins in March 2003. After playing with a gimpy toe and scoring just one touchdown 2004, he wants a richer deal.

In effect, Coles might be trying to sabotage the proposed trade in order to force his release from Washington, which has been his desire all along. That way, Coles would become a free agent, able to choose his next employer from whatever teams are interested.

Whatever the case, the Jets do not want any part of it. Said Gibbs: "We value (Coles), so if we work out something with a team, we would do that."

The question for the Jets now becomes, how will Moss react to "rejoining" a team he never left? Moss was coveted by Redskins owner Daniel Snyder, and there was a strong possibility he would have received a long-term deal if the trade had been consummated.

Instead, Moss is entering the final year of his contract and is due $448,000 in salary. The Jets have rebuffed efforts by Drew Rosenhaus, Moss' agent, to negotiate a contract extension.

There is a chance the Jets now could more aggressively pursue Derrick Mason, the former Titans receiver who was released last week. Mason played under new Jets offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger in Tennessee and the two had a good rapport.

With Heimerdinger making the calls, coach Herman Edwards said Friday that he expected the passing game to pick up.

"I think obviously we have to throw a little bit more, and maybe a little bit more downfield," Edwards said. "That's Mike's style. That's what he likes doing. I think we have some guys that are already there. It's not like we have bad receivers. We have good receivers."

The Redskins, meanwhile, continue to have an unhappy receiver. Coles was displeased with his 2004 season, when he caught 90 passes for 950 yards, an average of just 10.5 yards per reception in Gibbs' vertically challenged offense.

Coles was hampered all season by his injured big toe and the Redskins had advocated surgery. But Gibbs said that issue has been resolved, that Coles is healthy and surgery is no longer an option.

Nevertheless, it was after several meetings between Gibbs and Coles this off-season that the Redskins began to explore options to move the receiver, who is due a $5 million deferred signing bonus on April 1. The Redskins are obligated to pay that bonus.

The Redskins still have not freed up enough money under the salary cap to trade Coles, and that remains an obstacle for them to execute any deal. The club needs tackle Chris Samuels to restructure his contract to provide the salary-cap relief necessary to deal Coles, who would then count a hefty $9 million in dead cap space against the $85.5 million salary cap this year.

"For us, Laveranues Coles is a very valuable guy," Gibbs said. "If we can work something out with somebody, that would be fine. If not, he'll probably remain a Redskin."

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If HUMDINGER uses SANTANA as he should be used, he could be great for us. COLES hated being in NY and talked badly about HERM &U BRADWAY when he left. I do not bemoan the fact that he is not coming back, hopefully. We can draft a wr if we really need one@! :shock:


I hear you but I can't help but think that Dinger is behind this. I wonder if Dinger thinks Moss is too soft.

Those Alligator Arms aren't very flattering when you break them down on the game film!

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