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I love how the Pats give Welker D. Branch money

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That organization is going downhill..

They won't win 7 games this year..


All they really need to do is fire the WR coach and hire an eye doctor. Crazy Eyes Caldwell will take care of the rest. But do they listen? NOOOOOO.

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I dislike the move because of the pick.

But you're an idiot if you think we have any real clue how much money they "really" gave Welker.

Welk's an RFA. There will be a poison pill clause. This deal could be 5 years/15 mil, with 24 in dead weight at the end that gets guaranteed if Welk plays a single game in a teal uniform. This deal could be 5/20, 5/25, 5/30, 3/10, 4/28...

More so than most contracts, the "face value" tells us next to nothing.

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Are you being serious again bro ? You have to be kidding me. They have of the best defenses and probably the best QB in the league. Not to mention one smart head coach, and your telling me their only going to win 7 games ? wow get serious

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