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So there is diffrent covers depending on what state you live in ? :confused:

I don't know, My brother just texted me a message of a poster with Chad and the madden 08 logo...they have in EB games in Walt Whitman mall..I live in Charlotte now, so it might be a bit of a drive to check out Walt Whitman mall, but then again why would my brother lie...he too is a beloved Jet fan and would not call me and start off a conversation "we need to find a new QB because pennington is on next years cover"

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It's just a promo based on regions. They do it every year.

And it's not like Chad needs help getting injured. He does a pretty damn good job of it on his own.

You are probably right, I'll check EB tommorrow down here in Charlotte and see if a Panther is on the cover

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Chad Pennington will be on the cover of Madden 2008!!!!......For anyone living in the NY area...There is a poster for the game in the EB games in Walt Whitman mall in Huntington NY

Uh, somehow I doubt this.

I bet it's Manning (no, not Eli:))

I was in a Game Stop the other day, here in Miami, buying some used games, when I happened to see a pre-order special for Madden '08.

On the cover was none other than Peyton Manning.

I think his Superbowl win only sealed the deal.

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