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Pleased to be here!

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Hey KJ...

Welcome. Any friend of Savage's is welcome here. How scary is that?

We hope you like what you see. Please PM me if you have any questions, comments or feedback. We are trying to keep it pretty relaxed here and have some fun.

But if Savage crosses the line just say the word, we are looking for an excuse to ban him! :roll:

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Any Board that has 2 Muttonhead's like you and Tommy

Boy running it,I'd be the last one Banned! :lol: The Lunatic's really do run the asylum here!! And

Welcome KJ!! :wink:

It is kind of scary. That is why I said we are the Odd Couple. We were both kicked out of our former site. And now are stuck together.

Can we run a site without driving each other crazy???

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Max don't lie you were not kicked out!! :roll:

I think if the truth be told Oscar wasn't really kicked out either. Sure she told him to leave but she didn't mean it. Felix was definitely kicked out on the show though.

We all take creative liberties from time to time though.

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