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New Article On My Website.....


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Written about me in this magazine called "Wellington" they don't have a site to link so my wife printed it up and posted it on the site-word for word (even the misspells).I'm also in the process of changing a lot of the music around in the Florida Songs section-check it out if you're bored


I'm listening to 92 car train, right now. Good song, Jim! Reminds me of Stuck in Mobile with the Memphis blues again, by Dylan.

Once I rebuild my ol' 1982 Kramer I'm gonna do something on u-boat, I mean you tube. I think you'll get a kick out of it.

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Very cool SF. Question.....was there really a UFO at the tail of the comet? If so... I want some of what you guys were doing that night. Great press for you buddy.

Actually it was that cult in San Diego-the ones that all committed suicide and wore the purple Pumas.If you remember a lot of the men had castrated themselves.

No I was alone and sober as a judge when I saw it-it was the most amazing thing I've ever seen since I've been on this planet-and I KNOW it was not from here because no lights look like that

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