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MNF: There Is A God, Joe Theisman GONE

The Gun Of Bavaria

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Add Kornholio Kornheiser to this list and we're golden.


Prime-time player swap

Jaws to join Monday Night Football, Theismann out

Posted: Monday March 26, 2007 12:09PM; Updated: Monday March 26, 2007 1:13PM


ESPN says Joe Theismann will be offered another analyst job with the network.


BRISTOL, Conn. (AP) -- ESPN is changing quarterbacks.

Joe Theismann will no longer be part of the network's Monday Night Football booth and will be replaced by Ron Jaworski, the former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback.

"This new lineup will enhance our presentation of Monday Night Football, our most important property," Norby Williamson, ESPN's executive vice president for studio and remote production, said Monday. "Ron has covered the NFL from many different perspectives, and he is totally tied into the issues and trends from around the league."

Theismann, a former Washington Redskins quarterback, will be offered another analyst job with the network, Williamson said.

Jaworski is known for his studio analysis and ability to break down game tape for viewers. He will join play-by-play announcer Mike Tirico and analyst Tony Kornheiser in the booth. Suzy Kolber and Michele Tafoya will handle sideline reporting.

NFL games on Monday night moved from ABC to ESPN last season

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ESPN finally made a decent move with their broadcast team- getting rid of Theisman is addition by subtraction.

It sure is.

Theisman has the biggest ego I have ever seen in a former athlete on TV.

How many times did Joe utter these words........"When I was playing in the NFL blah, blah, blah?"

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Kick out Tony "My Dog throws harder than Pennington" Kornyheiser and put in Mark Schlereth or somethin.

That line about his dog was so stupid, and this is coming from a chad "hater". If you're gonna make fun of Chads arm, make some facking sense ya stupid dooshey.

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Jaworski is good. Also Dick Vermeil was very good, IMO, in his one game last year. Also a no-brainer, IMO, would be to replace Kornheiser with Parcells. Parcells has the sense of humor that Kornheiser tries to get on the air, but he actually knows something about football too. Mike Patrick was a better play-by-play man on SNF than Tirico is on MNF.

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