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JetNation Attacks Several Sites


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Just want to say thank you to the loyal JN Troops. You fought hard. Now rest up. Visit with your families.

But stay in shape. Soon you will be called to battle against finheaven and kffl. We won't rest until there are no other football sites.

At which time we will take on google, youtune and myspace. So stay by your phones!

finheaven will be a walk in the park. kffl may be tougher as the place is swarming with loyal Pats fans.

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I knew there was something very secretive and sensitive about the tip of the JN logo,my suspicions were correct.

Here's Max and Sperm discussing todays big announcements.


and on the road,out of JN's secret labyrinth


Very secretive Max!

Good job! :cheers:

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Sophomric, juvenile, puerile. Thank God it's April 2nd.

And why isn't there 7 or 8 threads abour Jenna Jameson's botched vaginaplasty or Anna Nicole's ass abcess?

As an aside, what the eff is a vaginaplasty?

tightening of the box, i'm sure garb could have answered this;)

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