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Pranks from your youth

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I went to highschool in New Canaan, CT, a real snobby town in Fairfield County.

Anyway, one day I was driving home from school with some friends, one of my buddies spots a freshly killed squirrel on the side of the road. We pull over, he takes a piece of newspaper, picks up the roadkill, gets back in the car. We're driving along the road, roadkill hanging out the window, when we come across these two women standing by a mailbox.

Now mind you, these were 40ish women, dressed like they had just come from tennis practice, probably wearing more makeup and jewelry than you would see walking down Fifth Avenue.

My buddy tosses the squirrel as we drive by, the damn thing NAILS one of the ladies right in the chest.

It was disgusting. And hilarious.

That was RSherryJr's wife.

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