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3rd Annual JetNation Mock Draft Selection Thread(Picks Only)


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Welcome to the 3rd Annual JetNation.com Mock Draft. Before we get started we have 1 team without an owner. The Miami Dolphins. Anybody want to take them on ,pm me or post here. Each GM will get 4 hours to make his selection. Your clock does not start until you post your selection. There is no trading of draft picks.

Please make your picks like this...to make it easy to read.

Oakland Raiders Select- ______ _______

Also this thread is for PICKS ONLY. DO NOT talk about the picks here or post anything here other than your draft selection. The draft will not begin until 1pm on Monday

1. Oakland - rizzock

2. Detroit - JetCane

3. Cleveland - shutout

4. Tampa Bay - chadharmamoon

5. Arizona - Will

6. Washington -80

7. Minnesota - AVM

8. Atlanta-oxscott

9. Miami- Iceman88

10. Houston - Sperm Edwards

11. San Fransisco-rsherry

12. Buffalo - Thai Jet

13. St. Louis - #27TheDominator

14. Carolina - quietjets

15. Pittsburgh - Penny&theJets

16. Green Bay -Faba

17. Jacksonville- Smizzy

18. Cincinnati - Barton

19. Tennessee - Vilma5114

20. NY Giants - raffyD

21. Denver - James Hasty

22. Dallas - MasonJet

23. Kansas City -Bill Parcells

24. New England - WW85

25. NY Jets - 124

26. Philadelphia - hoping4ASuperBowl

27. New Orleans -Green Jets & Ham

28. New England - The Troll

29. Baltimore - bitonti

30. San Diego - Jonejet

31. Chicago - MiamiJet

32. Indianapolis- JohnnyCans




4 4 Tampa Bay Gaines Adams-DE Clemson

5 5 Arizona -LARON LANDRY, S, LSU

6 6 Washington-Amobi Okoye, DT, Louisville

7 7 Minnesota -Adrian Peterson, RB, OKLAHOMA

8 8 Atlanta (from Houston) - Jamaal Anderson, DE, Arkansas

9 9 Miami - Jemarcus Russell, QB, LSU

10 10 Houston (from Atlanta) - Levi Brown, OT, Penn St

11 11 San Francisco -DT Alan Branch Michigan

12 12 Buffalo -ILB Patrick Willis , Mississippi

13 13 St. Louis -CB / S Michael Griffin, Texas

14 14 Carolina -DE/UT Adam Carriker, Nebraska

15 15 Pittsburgh - Jarvis Moss ,Florida

16 16 Green Bay -MARSHAWN LYNCH-RB California

17 17 Jacksonville -DE Anthony Spencer, Purdue

18 18 Cincinnati -Darrelle Revis - Pitt

19 19 Tennessee -WR DWAYNE BOWE LSU

20 20 N.Y. Giants -Chris Houston, CB, Arkansas

21 21 Denver -Leon Hall-CB Michigan

22 22 Dallas -Reggie Nelson-S Florida

23 23 Kansas City -Ted Ginn WR Ohio St.

24 24 New England (from Seattle) -Joe Staley- OT Central Michigan

25 25 N.Y. Jets -Aaron Ross -CB Texas

26 26 Philadelphia -Robert Meacheam-WR Tennessee

27 27 New Orleans Greg Olsen TE Miami

28 28 New England Brandon Merriweather, S Miami

29 29 Baltimore Justin Blalock-OG Texas

30 30 San Diego Sydney Rice-WR South Carolina

31 31 Chicago Ben Grubbs OG Auburn

32 32 Indianapolis -Lawrence Timons LB Florida

Round 2

133Oakland -Rizzock Drew Stanton-QB Michigan St.

234Detroit -Jetcane Paul Posluszny, LB, Penn State

335Tampa Bay -Anthony Gonzales-WR Ohio St.

436Cleveland Marcus McCauley, CB Fresno St

537Chicago (from Washington through New York Jets)Dwayne Jarrett WR USC

638Arizona Ryan Kalil, C, USC

739Atlanta (from Houston) Justin Harrell, DT Tennessee.

840Miami Tony Ugoh, OT Arkansas

941Minnesota Jon Beason LB Miami

1042San Francisco Steve Smith WR USC

1143Buffalo Daymeion Hughes, CB Cal

1244Atlanta Brian Leonard RB Rutgers

1345Carolina John Wendling, S Wyoming

1446Pittsburgh Lamar Woodley- DE Michigan

1547Green Bay Zach Miller TE Arizona St.

1648Jacksonville Charles Johnson DE Georgia

1749Cincinnati David Harris LB Michigan

1850Tennessee Josh Wilson CB Maryland

1951N.Y. Giants Antonio Pittman, RB Ohio St.

2052St. Louis Tank Tyler NT North Carolina St.

2153Dallas James Marten OT Boston College

2254Kansas City Trent Edwards QB Stanford

2355Seattle Josh Beekman OG Boston College

2456Denver Victor Abiamiri, DE, Notre Dame

2557Philadelphia HB Blades-LB Pitsburgh

2658New Orleans Eric Wright, CB, UNLV

2759N.Y. Jets Ryan Harris OT Notre dame

2860Miami (from New England) Brandon Mebane DT California

2961Baltimore Jonathan Wade DB Tennessee

3062San Diego Brandon Siler-LB Florida

3163N.Y. Jets (from Chicago) Paul Soliai NT Utah

3264Tampa Bay (from Indianapolis) Samson Satele, C Hawaii

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#27Dominator has told me his Top 5 for when his pick was up for me to select for him, unfortunately his Top 5 has all been taken but he urged me to go defense so I will and with the 13th overall pick of the 2007 NFL Draft, the St.Louis Rams select:

CB / S Michael Griffin, Texas


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14. Carolina (quietjets) is now on the clock.

It is 10:12pm eastern time, you have until midnight to make your pick, if not made by then, you have 2+ hours starting at Noon tomorrow to make it before one of the leaders of the draft makes the selection for you. If you can not make it, please send it to someone as myself, one of the mods or one of the leaders of the Mock Draft. Thank you.

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