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posted at rotoworld 11:22pm

ESPN's John Clayton reports the Raiders intend to draft Calvin Johnson with the No. 1 pick if the Dolphins acquire Trent Green from Kansas City.

Clayton's theory is that the whole top part of the draft depends on the future of Trent Green. If Green goes to Miami, Daunte Culpepper will be cut and Oakland would then sign him. Clayton says if a Green trade can't be worked out, the Raiders will be forced to draft JaMarcus Russell.

posted at jetnation 10:44pm

Calvin Johnson is widely considered to be the best player in this draft. Yet, by all accounts, he will not be drafted # 1 overall. The teams picking next have other needs. Where does Calvin end up?

Maybe it

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Thanks to those guys at draftdaddy- Bit and R44-they do a great job with their site-all the work that goes into it.

The Jets have a couple of different ways to go with their first pick-

I can see Washington trying to get out of their pick and try to get something for that spot.

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