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Only 4 picks this draft... Bottom line Mangini has done ALOT MORE than we all think.

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If Mangini did not give J.Cotch and K.Rhodes a shot... Guess what? We would have needed to draft a WR and a S...

We went and put together a solid group of WR's with Coles, Cotch, and B.Smith as a Play-Maker.

We improved our O-Line in ways that I thought would take a good 2-3 seasons, we really did it in 2 picks with Brick who is going to be a Franchise LT for the next 10-12 seasons and Mangold who in my eyes is already playing on a All-Pro level. Just ask Chad Pennington.

We went from having Barlow and Blaylock as Starting Running BAcks... Now we have a work-horse in Thomas Jones and a Play-Making, Change of Pace Back in Leon Washington.

Mangini has K.Rhodes playing like E.Reed in the secondary

Cotchery is a great #2 WR playing alongside with Coles. Give me Coles and Cotch anyday who are smart, great hands, and TOUGH over Stallworth and Moss any sunday who in my eyes are going to be deep threats, but what about the middle of the Field? Give me a break. GL BB because these WR's you have are not possesion WR's.

Forget the 4 picks we have... Mangini has DONE ALOT

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Agreed that it looks good, but usually you only get about 30-50% of starters out of any draft which means 2-3 guys for this one.

Not a ton.

That being said, there were not a ton of needs. RB, CB, LB... all had. WR? Not sure this was a big need.


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