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SouthernJets 'This Week at the Movies', 'Next' and 'Year of the Dog'


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I will continue my compilation thread that lists all the currently seen Movies still available at theaters.

This however will be a weekly post going into a tad more detail on what I saw this past weekend.

Saw 'Next' and 'Year of the Dog' this past weekend..


Highly recommended:

Year of the Dog (SNL's Molly Shannon plays a woman who has trouble socially adapting to men, and most women. She embarks on a journey of self realization of who she truly is. This takes bizarre turns as she over indulges. Its a well written film that shows we all have quirks that make us special and life is about how we accept who we are.).


Better than average, recommended:

Next (Nick Cage in another average, not great film. This is a sci-fi flick about a Las Vegas magician who also sees 2 minutes into his future. Thats only HIS future mind you. The governement gets wind of his skill and attempts to 'recruit' him when a terroist threatens the country. OIt actually plays very neatly for 2/3 of moviue, that gets kind of silly . All in all, notr bad.).

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