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Time to get Fired up !!!!!!!


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quick note, friday night Paul Gaustad will be back in the lineup for the Sabres, you want physical play? Goose will be more then willing to dish it out, should be fun to see bodies from both sides flying

Fantastic series so far, great hockey.

Sabres win this game, IMO.

Enjoy everyone!

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I hate that they are not playing again till Friday.

I am so into this series and why they are giving them two days off is beyond me.

It has been a great series so far and other than that brief stretch in game the series has been pretty evenly played.

Rangers have a GREAT opportunity to take control of this series if they can win tommorow night. The way the Rangers have been playing at home of late I don't thing even the mighty Sabres are going to win a game there.

But if the Rangers don't win tommorow night it is probably going to be next to impossible to win a game 7 up there.

Winner looks like they are going to get the Senators who went up 3-1 on the Devils last night.

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