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Trinidad Retires again...


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I dont know the decision, and have avoided the news about the fight cause I wanted to watch it this weekend on HBO...but on the bottom of sportscenter this morning I saw a little blip on the bottom of the screen that said Trinidad announces retirment (DAM IT)...Soooooo, I guess he lost, and is giving up again so abruptly.

Ahh well. I said if it goes 12, Tito looses....so I'm assuming it did, cause no way he got knocked out....or did he?

PS...I read somewhere that Tito was overatted on this or the "other" board. Well, apparenty you didnt watch his career, which I have on DVD. He's one of the most powerful punchers in both hands that i've seen in many years. HBO analysts compare him to sugar ray robinson. I wouldnt go that far, but he has his place in boxing history.

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those dumbasses at ESPN must need better translaters, here's the deal....but if you haven't seen the fight this article will spoil it for you, but trust me there is not even a need to watch taht garbage of a fight Vinny

Trinidad reeling after lopsided loss to Wright

ESPN.com news services

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico -- Felix Trinidad Jr. all but announced his retirement from boxing on Sunday, the second time the former champion has called it quits if he follows through.

After his father, Felix Trinidad Sr., went into detail about how he did not feel up to par training in the corner with his son, the younger Trinidad said he did not want to continue fighting without his mentor.

"If you aren't here, I'm not continuing in boxing," Trinidad said before embracing his father and crying.

"I feel that I am not at 100 percent, I'm not able to give the way that I used to," Trinidad Sr. said. "

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