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Trouble in BBQtown


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4. Vilma was alot better under the previous regime, Robertson was slot better when healthy under the previous regime

Those two players were drafted specifically because they fit the system Herm was running. That's not the system we're running now. Give them a year to see how they adjust.

Ellis had an adjustment period his first year in Herm's 4-3 as well since he had played a 3-4 under Parcells. Of course, Herm tried to convert him to a DT and then switched him back. Pure brilliance on his part I'm sure you'll say.

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of course it was beautifully done:rolleyes: , as long as someone agrees w/ your point of view it doesn't matter that everything he wrote was wrong.

Why must you constantly say someone elses' opinion is wrong. Your ego is out of control. Disagree with someone's points, but no one's opinion can be wrong.

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I though all my fellow Herm bashers would appreciate this post, it was posted on the landing strip on Dec 31, 2001, by a fellow who went by the moniker THE AUTHORITY. I don't know what ever happened to him, I know he was banned for chronic Herm bashing. I like the way he speaks of himself in the 3rd person. Ha! Enjoy...



I've bitten my tounge since yesterday-today has clarified my thought process to where I have been since day one of this herman edwards regime. It must end. It must end after next week's game-regardless of the outcome.

You may call me crazy-I will counter by telling you that 1 win makes people like you get amnesia & short term memory loss at the very least.

I have talked about "direction" for this team since I began posting here several weeks ago-and that I am not impressed at all with that direction.

As a newspaper columnist put it so correctly today, "haven't we seen this Jets script many times before, in many seasons before?" A resounding amen from the chorus regarding that question.

Folks, the long and short of it is this--that in their 15th game of a 16 week season, during a moment where preparation and execution are needed, the Jets responded by presenting us with nothing but chaos during the final 13 seconds of that game yesterday.

Who's fault was it? testaverde blames Hackett (& everyone but himself) Hackett blames a miscalculation on his own part, Edwards doesn't know who to blame. This folks not in a moment during the second pre-season game versus Baltimore--but during a moment where teams and coaching staffs are defined.

Herman Edwards--if he chooses to not agree with the play called from the upper reaches of the press box where Hackett sits-does he have an opportunity to overule the call & tell Testaverde to throw the ball into the end zone? He's only the head coach right?

The Jets also had the benefit of a Bills injury timeout during the waning moments of that game--enough time certainly to prepare and map out the plan of action as they marched down the field---even this did them no good.

I mentioned in a post yesterday--a point I was trying to make concerning the whining that goes on with this board following a loss---or elation following a win, and that the mood is predicated on either thing happening.

So if the Jets do manage to win next week--the fans of this board will proclaim that the green giants are back in business--that the AFC best beware the Jets, that we can--in fact we will make the super bowl....and oh yeah by the way, win it as well. Count on this happening.

Yet if they lose, the theme will be as familiar as what you are witnessing with just about every post you now read. Oh, and how the bandwagon is beginning to fill up--it is not only THE AUTHORITY who now questions Herman Edwards ability as a head football coach, the minions are starting to seep out of the woodwork and admit that they are questioning his judgement too.

The difference between them and me however is in the way that they are swept up in emotion following a win (win & Edwards is good and anyone who questions a coaching change is a jerk), and myself who has never looked favorably upon his selection to begin with--no matter if they win-lose-tie, or decide not to even bother showing up for the game. I say the man is the wrong fit--this despite feeling better about Edwards than I ever have going into Sunday's game against the Bills.

back to my point about a win this Sunday--and I urge you to consider the big picture here. Yes a win makes us feel all warm and cozy--but as I tried to point out yesterday, do you honestly feel as though jest win this Sunday signals the franchise in general turning a signifiacnt corner? That is, does a win Sunday over the Raiders begin to at all to dismantle the losing menatility and losing culture that has enveloped this franchise since they wore blue & gold and not green and white?

I mentioned yesterday--and I used the Steelers to argue my point, that a franchise can--and does sometimes reach a point where the past failures are cut off--and anew begins a brighter chapter. The Steelers for years were the laughingstock of the NFL-doormats for the rest of the league.

But one day something funny happened and the Steelers got good--very good. So good that the entire focus of the franchise, the entire notion of a losing menatlity, the entire projection and conception of what Steelers football was-and is, changed. The organization blew away every ghost from the past, the stamped themselves with a permanent mark of greatness and at the very least---winning consistency became their hallmark. They developed an imprint that lasts to this day. Your image of the Steelers couldn't be any different than that of the football watcher circa 1969.

And this is where the rubber meets the road for me folks. So we win next week--and then what? What about the long term--is Edwards the guy that will signify the chapter of Jets football that will go on to redefine the perception of what it means to be a New York Jet? In my mind-absolutely not. And I say this not because I dislike Herman Edwards personally, but it is because of the conviction I feel in saying that Herman Edwards is not ready to represent any organization in the capacity in which I'd like my franchise to have. He does not possess the foundation in his coaching career to have a chance to suceed in building a franchise on a solid rock foundation--how can he---what has he done to warrent such a belief??? How can we possibly expect a guy like Herman Edwards to begin to inspire a franchise to greatness, when he is still looking--seeking to define who he is as a head coach? Please think about this people.

But AUTHORITY, if we change coaches again this year, it will be just another change and instability will rule throughout the organization? You mean like the instability you all witnessed during that game yesterday----and other games this season??? In my mind folks--a positive change now--with the RIGHT person, can signify that what you all witnessed yesterday, under the watch of this new owner--will not now--and not ever be tolerated.

Dont tell me the Jets dont have talent either. This is a 10 to 11 win football team in what is now a very watered down NFL. Rich Cimini in his season preview of the Jets starts out by saying that the Jets house is different under Herman Edwards...in fact this house is now stronger than it was under Bill Parcells.

What has this team done to at all distinguish themselves over the past several weeks--save for the Colts game at Indianapolis, which in reality and in retrospect was a game in which it can be argued the Colts lost as much as the Jets won? Nothing, except show incredibale ineptitude as they did in losing that game yesterday--and with their incredibly embarresing words--playing the blame game afterwards.

Robert Johnson has the money and the clout I would believe to bring in right now--the one canidate out

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