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teacher allegedly kept sexually explicit journal about students

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LOWELL, Mass. -- A substitute teacher finds himself in trouble due to a disturbing diary he kept about his students.

The 31-year-old educator, whose name has not been released, allegedly kept a journal that contained sexually explicit comments about both young boys and girls he had come across in the classrooms. In some instances, the teacher wrote about his students' physical attributes as well as sexual activities he would have liked to perform with them. The man has taught in classrooms throughout Lowell, most recently in a middle school last week. "I'm so nervous about this now. I can't get over it," said Cindy Grey, a worried parent.

Authorities are also working to confirm the man's claim that he did substitute in Dracut classrooms a few times about eight or nine years ago. "It's scary. I have a 12-year-old daughter and a 10-year-old son in the Dracut school system, and it's every parent's nightmare," Iris Malliaros, a concerned mother, said. A tip from an individual who knew the teacher triggered the investigation. The teacher reportedly is cooperating with police, even allowing them to read his diaries. Police say while their investigation is ongoing, they have not found evidence so far to suggest the instructor has abused any children.

"He basically admitted he had been keeping those logs, but he never followed through on any of them," said Chief Kevin Richardson, Dracut Police Department. As a result, he most likely will not be facing charges, because his journal writings are protected by his First Amendment rights. However, police say the man will not be teaching again. "He should never teach again anywhere. He shouldn't be around kids, either," said Grey.

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