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South Korean court orders menstruation pay

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SEOUL, May 4 (UPI) -- South Korea's high court has upheld a ruling ordering Citibank Korea Inc., to pay menstruation leave allowances to former and current women employees.

The women filed suit against the bank after it refused to pay the allowances for two years, the Korea Times reports.

"It was mandatory for the bank to pay allowances for period leave based on regular pay to the defendants in accordance with the regulations of the Labor Standard Law," the lower court ruled.

It ordered Citibank Korea to pay $1,559 to each of the 1,298 former and current employees named in the suit.

Menstruation accounts for lower pool fees


Women in South Korea are arguing for a discount on public bath facilities, saying they do not get a full month's worth of use due to their menstrual period.

The Korea Times reported that although women pay a whole month's rate for membership to a public swimming bath, they are frustrated by losing out due to their periods. A recent survey found that more than 60 percent of women say this is an issue with them.

The menstruation period for most women is several days per month. Though they pay the same amount as men, they can take swimming classes only about three weeks a month, said Kimlee Hye-yeon, a researcher from the Social Invention Center, a think-tank at the Hope Institute in Seoul.

This is discrimination and causes clear economic loss to women, Kimlee told the Times.

Some public swimming centers have begun offering discounts to women who cannot partake in a full month's activities due to their periods.

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Those wacky South Korean girls... always complaining about their periods...

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Here's another story for ya:


Police say woman stole from blind cashier

CINCINNATI, May 8 (UPI) -- Cincinnati police say they arrested a woman who stole from a blind deli operator inside the Hamilton County Courthouse.

Police accuse LaTonya Browner of giving Kent Parker, who owns and operates the sandwich shop inside the courthouse, $1 and telling him it was a $10 bill during a transaction on April 25, the Cincinnati Enquirer reported Tuesday.

All transactions at the deli are videotaped to prevent this type of theft by deception, police said.

Browner, who police charged with theft, was scheduled to appear in court Thursday, but the case was continued for two weeks to allow her time to find an attorney.

This any better???

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