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if someone needed some sort of help...


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well, im glad to hear all this, not suprised, since i figured those would wouldn't help wouldn't want to say it. but, its nice to know that others out there will help people out.

just the other day someones car died here at a gas station in the pgh and the guy came in to ask if anyone had a pair of jumper cables, the cashier actually TOLD HIM TO LEAVE IF HE WASN'T PURCHASING SOMETHING! then she turns to me and says, "can you believe that, like its my fault he has car problems." i told her she didn't have to be a bitch about it and left my **** at the counter and went across the street to a different gas station. i didn't have cables but i at least tried to find someone who did.

First off, everyone will say they'll help someone else when they're not presented with the actual situation.

Second, when you're alone, you're more likely to help, as you're the only person that can help someone else.

Third, the old man story is a case of what's called 'bystander effect', where no one helps because no one else is around helping. With so many people, you skirt personal responsibility as you're just one of a group not doing anything.

The trick is, if you are a victim, to single out one person in the crowd, tell them 'you need to help me', so it becomes personal responsibility, that person is much more likely to help when they can't just hide in the crowd anymore.

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