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Detroit Red Wings @ Anaheim Ducks - Game Four

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lol at GOB posting a bet just so he could put all his money on it.

where are you getting the -1.5 from? And does that mean Anaheim has to win by 2 goals to cover?

That's why I bet all my money on this as well. I really doubt the Ducks would win by 2, even with Pronger. This is a pretty unfair bet.

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-1.5 is the line for tonight's game. I didn't set it, Vegas did.

I'll get rid of the line and make it a straight up bet if you wall want.

no, it's fine. I was just wondering like which website had the line or whatever.

I guess the rationale is that Anaheim and Detroit have both been much better teams at home this season.

in anaheim, must-win game, etc.

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