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Rambo IV trailer now up


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OK Stallone, since your going all nostaglic just make sure you make another Cobra and Over The Top. Two of my favorites.

"You're a disease and I'm the cure."

Over The Top II -- that would be hysterical!!!

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Needless to say, we need a movie where I fight Stallone. I would let it be somewhat of a fair fight for the sake of the movie, right up until the end. Then I would roundhouse kick him so hard that his neck would snap off and he'd be reincarnated as Bridgette Nielson's thong underwear.

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I'm stiil upset he didn't follow up "Stop or my Mom Will Shoot". Such possibilities.

That or "Rocky 34-Roids in 'Roo ville"

Rocky -- Sylvester Stallone -- throws in the towel; Guilty of steroids and HGH

(Update here: Rocky's lawyer says he's sorry)

Capping a tough 12 round bout with Australian customs officials, Sylvester Stallone pled guilty not only to HGH importation as expected, but also to testosterone possession. Recoiling from the one-two punch of HGH/testosterone possession, Stallone awaits the referee's decision on sentencing.

As The Nation noted initially here, Stallone's entourage attracted attention as they passed through Australian Customs with hidden 'booty', suspected to be illegal PEDs, found on X-Ray. Later, the Stallone party threw vials of testosterone (it was revealed today) out of their hotel window just ahead of an Aussie Customs search for the imported banned PEDs.

The media first reported that 48 vials of HGH caused Stallone's rocky visit to Australia. Some news sources reported mixed statement such as (TMZ) about steroids and HGH.

According to Australian authorities, the 60-year-old action star, who did not appear in court, was caught at Sydney Airport with several vials of a steroid known as hGH (human growth hormone), during a random baggage check. Customs officials claim they found a total of 48 vials of the steroid after they raided Stallone's Sydney hotel room, limousine and private jet.

Turns out Stallone uses both PEDs. Stallone plead guilty to importing both the anabolic steroid testosterone and the protein peptide HGH.

Looks like the Australian Daily Telegraph came out first with the scoop:


HOLLYWOOD star Sylvester Stallone has admitted having testosterone, which is outlawed in Australia, and importing another controlled substance.

More details of the
hunk's case have emerged in a Sydney court late this morning.

He made international headlines when he was hauled aside by customs officers - and then had his hotel room and jet raided by officials - when he arrived in Sydney to spruik the latest instalment of the boxing movie earlier this year.

Officers found vials of a banned human growth hormone amongst the musclebound actor's possessions.

Today his lawyers pleaded guilty on the star's behalf to one count of importing the controlled substance Jintropin, a human growth hormone, without a prescription.

He also pleaded guilty to one count of possessing testosterone. He had four vials of the substance, which is completely banned in Australia.

The court heard that when Customs officers raided the star's suite at the Park Hyatt hotel in Sydney , he threw the drug out of the window - and it landed in a garden box.

Today Stallone, 60, was due to appear by video link from LA in the Downing Street Local court today.

But his lawyers decided that was unnecessary and pleaded guilty on his behalf.

The hearing is continuing and Deputy Chief Magistrate Paul Cloran is to decide on a punishment later today.

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Haha. does Australia throw all their masculine men into jail? I mean yeah I know it's obviously for when it's not in your body, but what happens if you're bleeding? Haha that's great. Is HGH and testosterone illegal in the US?

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