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Anyone for some Chess?


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I can't play right now, i was just curious who here plays. I am planning on having a pretty boring Sunday (which is fine with me), and wondering if any of you bums would want to play some chess. Let me know.

Unless you are a chess pro, then you can just shove it up your arse.


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I know how to play, as in I know how the different pieces move and I know the rules. But I'm terrible at it, I know no strategies and get too bored too think ahead so I generally lose.. a lot.

you should practice, i'd say use Yahoo, but too many people go on there just to beat the hell out of the new players.

I had an ex-girlfriend that i just taught to play, she liked it, so tried to play online. People would just rip on her for being bad. Its pretty lame.

It's a great game though, i've never been bored playing chess. you should keep practicing. :)

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