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But in all seriousness. This guy is a guitar god.


How can I not chip in on this one?

Alk, yeah....Vai can sure play the guitar.

Some of those other videos were pretty frightening.

Does shredding over basic power chords = sick?

Must be... I don't feel well.


Kidding aside.

Pretty cool energy form those guys.

Fun to watch and listen to.

If any of you other guitar players want to check out some stuff I like, go to youtube and search Steve Morse, the non Deep Purple stuff are my favorites. Or Al DiMeola.

Maybe not as much energy, but some great playing.



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I ran into this video, a little Megadeth cover by a random guitarist. This guy rips!


good ****

I didn't know that was a prerequisite for "guitar numbers". Besides it was shot in the 80s.

lol it dont matter


:rl: that is one nerdy lookin rockstar man

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