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If Giambi returns this year he should return to the bench

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Where did I say that? I just like the fact that taking a one dimensional player out of the line up has added to what the team can do as a whole. Damons legs are rested which makes him a threat on the bases again and Melky is a defensive upgrade in CF with Cairo (or anyone for that matter) being a better defensive option at first than if they were forced to put Giambi in there. I suppose I just like watching my team play fundamental baseball and win games.

I was happy to see that Torre didn't commit to anything when asked if Giambi would have his job when he returns. He took the old "we'll do whats best at the time approach"

This is all true. Giambi, when healthy, is a legit power bat. Any team would want that. But without him, the Yankees have a much bettter overall defense, much better base-running, and way more flexibility to play "small ball".

Not a knock on Jason; just the facts. The proof is the way the Yankees have played the 12 games without Giambi.

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