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I love the U.S. Open. Look at some of these numbers

1) Rory Sabatinni +21

2) Ernie Els +21

3) Zach Johnson (This years Masters Champion) +20

4) Geoff Oglivy (Last years U.S. Open winner) +19

They made Oakmont so tough that the winning score was +5 :eek:

best moment if anyone watched it. Paul Casey is in the sand trap and has to hit backwards just so he can use his next shot to go for the green. After hitting backwards he hits his next shot right back into the bunker.


That is exactly what would happen to me.

Tiger would have one this thing by about 10 strokes if have hit just one birdie putt.

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I swear I think every green yesterday was setup so that just when it looked like the ball was going in the hole it would break right or left.

I mean when Tiger birdies just one of his last 28 holes that's one tough course.

The way Tiger played on Saturday if he had any kind of a putting he would have shot 65.

If I had played that course I probably either shot 140 or quit after nine holes.

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