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Milton Bradley DFA'd

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Gotta agree with madmike on this one. He IS healthy right now, and he wouldnt cost anything major.

Not sure how the clearing the waiver process works, but I do know that any team can right now make offers to the A's for Bradley because he has been DFA'd. If we dont try to trade for him, I believe the teams with the worst records can scoop him up for nothing once he clears waivers, so likely we wouldnt get the chance to do that - we'd have to trade for him.

Bradley was Designated for Assignment which means they have 10 days to trade him or release him. During this 10 day period, they can put him on waivers where any team can claim him for the salary he is making now.

If only 1 team puts in a claim, his contract is assigned to that club. If more than 1 team in the same league claims him, he is assigned to the club with the worst record. If clubs in both leagues claim him, he goes to the team in the same league (example: cincy puts in a claim, and so do the red sox... he is assigned to the red sox)

If he clears waivers and the A's release him, he is free to be signed by any team and the A's are responsible for the difference between his salary with them and his new contract.

(example: has a $3mil contract with A's... they release him, Yanks sign him for $1 mil, the A's still owe him $2mil)

So the Yanks can wait until he is released and get him for nothing and at a reduced salary, or make a trade giving up a marginal minor leaguer and paying full salary, or hope he is put on waivers and isnt claimed by the 6 AL teams with worse records and pay full salary...

I believe his history of being a troublemaker and overall piece of sh!t overshadows his ability to play baseball. He is the 2007 version of Raul Mondesi. You want that on your ball club???

UPDATE: His contract is for $4million and he is a free agent after this year

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