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What the ****? 40 year old track coach marries 16 year old student!?

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Her parents are gutless pieces of crap...

How can you sit there and let your 16 yr old daughter marry a 40 yr old man.


It is not that hard to say. Put your G-dam foot down and tell them this is the it is.

Friggin morons.

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Holy Cr*p, :bag:!

If the parents don't consent, obviously the marriage doesn't take place. Now I don't have children, but I have a niece that I've had to be there for on many an occasion. My feeling has always been that the primary duty of a parent is to protect, not love. It only follows suit that if you protect your children, you love them. These parents were strong-armed by their own kid, and they failed miserably. They should have sent her out of state, had the guy arrested (unless it isn't statuatory rape in NC at 16...?), anything. So they were the 'concerned' type, big deal. She may even hate them for this someday.

These parents are idiots, and that Coach is a sc*mbag. A predator by any other name is still a predator.

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