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have you noticed curtis has not retired yet?


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Here's my take.

Martin's insurance policy requires a defineable moment that can be attributed to his career-ending injury.

Week 1: on the first goal-line situation, Cmart will run the ball on NE, score, then grasp his knee in "agonizing pain" ;)... He will leave the sport like a champion, scoring on the Patriots as a Jet..... Eliciting one final JETS chant/ standing ovation.

oh yeah, and boom,

$5 million dollars.

He took a policy out, paid his money, and was ran into the ground. He played through pain, on pain killers selflessly (for this team). He deserves to get paid. I don't care what the language of his policy is, if he could be toting the rock; he would. Bottom line. IMO, Running despite a bone-on-bone condition earns him his insurance money.

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