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Yankees "Tragic Number" Countdown

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I get the hatred for the Red Sox/Yankee rivalry between the fans. what I don't get is the absolute jealous (yes jealous) Met fans ejaculating over Yankee failures all the time. I don't ever remember it like this in the mid 80's, when their heroes from Flushing owned NY. No Yankee fans cared what the Mets were doing back then. during the god awful Mel Hall era in Yankee land the Mets had a much better team and Yankee fans did not whine and cry about the Flushing flashes success. but after owning the city for 8 years and bitch slapping them in the World series in 2000, I guess they just can't control that bitter jealousy. JMO, of course. :biggrin:

The old history lesson. Save it.

Before you groupie followed TX over here during his JI timeout some of our Yankee fans, (especially the young ones and Ham) who watched a couple of innings in their pajamas during the 96-2000 run never let up on letting all know what a juggernaut their 200 million payroll team was.

Payback sucks some times. Deal with it.

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