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Yankees "Tragic Number" Countdown

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First off, you're gonna keep hearing it, so you save your bitter tirade for someone who gives a ****. and I was here before the TX tantrum, I actually started posting here after the Jet Mo saga/battle of the boards thing, so get your facts straight.

Payback? :rl: whining about the Yankees is a ''payback''? :rl:

Keep posting!

Mets fans like to pretend that yankees fans here were riding them hard in 2004 and 2005, and it is complete bullsh#t. Yankees fans couldnt care less about how the mets were doing back then - and it still does not matter.

And all of the mets and red sox fans here are completely jealous of the Yankees success in the last decade, thats why they keep making dumb threads about the Yankees. If they could sign up for 11 straight playoff appearances, 6 pennants, and 4 world series championships, they would all sign up for it before you could blink an eye.

And the 2007 Yankees arent done yet, either.

We are The Yankees, and they're the mets and red sox. We eat a civilized dinner at the head of the table, and they screw around with apple sauce in their high chairs.

Even when their teams are playing better, all they talk about is The Yankees.

Pathetic, really. But can you blame them?

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