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AL East 2nd Baseman

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There are several perplexing aspects of Robinson Cano's game, not least of which is his lack of plate discipline. I think the book has changed on Cano this year. Everyone used to try and bust him inside... thinking his big blind spot was up and in, above the hands. He refuses to make adjustments...out of laziness I wonder????

Now everyone is staying low, bouncing stuff off the ground, and out of the strike zone, this letting Cano's lack of patience get himself out. His inability to let these pitches go by would make Alphonso Soriano jealous.

It's amazing that the Pedroia/Cano debate even exists. If you had asked me before the season if DP vs. Cano was even debatable, I would have laughed. If you ask me today, pull the trigger on the trade, I would seriously hesitate.

Cano is still better than and is going to always be better than Pedroia anyway.

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