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Going into the 2nd half


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I would like to apologize for my lack of posting, I've been going through some car problems and spending more of my time at work (where message board net surfing is a nono except saturdays)

I'm looking forward to the 2nd half, maybe the Yankees can pull over .500, that would be cool.

my predictions:

Pujols raises his .310 batting average to atleast .325, but barely reaches 100 RBI

A-rod hits 52 with 140 RBI

Cano raises BA to .305

Fat Papi still sadly reaches 35 home runs and atleast 120 RBI

Josh Beckett wins 20 games (yuck)

Travis Hafner hits 20 home runs

Three more DL trips for Randy Johnson

Two shut outs for Jake Peavy

One more no hitter

5 nights where JBF posts after a Yankee win and Red Sox loss/offnight

Magglio's BA will drop to the .330s and he will not win MVP

Carlos Guillen enters MVP discussions, as does Grady Sizemore

and last off, three pee breaks into the green monster for Manny

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