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Pac-10: We'd leave BCS over plus-1

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LOS ANGELES -- Pac-10 commissioner Tom Hansen, who supports bowl games and opposes a playoff system, told Sporting News Thursday his league will walk away from the BCS if the plus-one playoff model becomes a reality.

This offseason alone, conference commissioners from the SEC, ACC, Big 12 and Big East have said they are intrigued by the plus-one model -- which would provide a championship game between the two highest-ranked teams after the bowl games -- and might be open to implementing such a plan when the new television contract is negotiated sometime over the next year.

The model, however, will go nowhere without Pac-10 and Big Ten support.

"Our presidents have no interest whatsoever in a plus-one model -- none," Hansen says. "It's a little annoying that my colleagues continue to float this idea as though it has merit. If they continue to push it, and try to push us into a corner ... "

Will the Pac-10 walk away from the BCS?

"Yes, no question."

Hansen's comments are the strongest yet from Pac-10 or Big Ten officials. He says Pac-10 university presidents are more concerned about protecting the sanctity of Rose Bowl than further tweaking the current system, which dilutes the Rose Bowl with a double-hosting model. Hansen says "many" officials within the league and within the powerful Rose Bowl committee want the game once again to pit the Big Ten champions against the Pac-10 champions -- with no BCS strings attached.

"What's the difference between what we use now and the plus-one? Nothing," Hansen says. "You're still relying on (the BCS points system) to determine who plays in the game after all the other bowls. What if three teams are close to each other after all the bowl games? Which two play in the (plus-one) game?"

The BCS television contract with Fox runs through the 2009 season. But the Rose Bowl has signed with ABC through the 2014 game, further complicating any discussion of a plus-one model.

The BCS could begin negotiations for a new deal -- which could be as short as four years or as long as eight, depending on the system in place -- by next spring. That deal would begin with the 2010 season.

Hansen's comments are yet another blow for playoff proponents. In May, Florida president Bernie Machen's playoff proposal was defeated roundly by his fellow Southeastern Conference presidents -- to the point that Machen proclaimed at the end of the league's spring meetings that the BCS was, "a very good way to go."

"(SEC presidents) are persuaded, and I am now persuaded, that the best way to proceed is to try to work within the BCS structure, to make some changes to make it better," Machen said.

Good. Let them leave the BCS. Then the PAC-10 will become a non-entity in a few years.

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Pac-10 is extremely underrated...

Whose so good? UCLA is one the most over-rated teams every year. Oregon and Oregon State always have a good game or two a season and thats about it. Anybody else worth talking about from the Pac-10? Arizona? Arizona State? Washington? Washington State? Please.

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I didn't know that having one great team and a couple solid teams makes a conference great.

I wonder what Cal and UCLA would do in the SEC...I bet Tennessee wishes they played there.

There is no comparing the SEC to the Pac 10, PAC 10 is like a..... Pop warner conference.

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If PAC 10 is Pop Warner to SEC, what does that make the Big East or ACC?

The Pac 10 pails in comparison to the ACC, between having only high octane passing offenses with little if any defense, and not really being known for any smashmouth hard hitting football to date, the Pac 10 can't field the same talent as the ACC does.

The Big east is another story

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