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Why are there so many Pats fans here?

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On 2/22/2005 at 12:32 PM, Maxman said:

We will need moderators eventually, just have to figure out what the volume is like.


All depends on how funny TomShane can be. There is a lot of pressure on him!


But for right now we have the following job openings:


BabySitter: This position entails following TomShane around on the internet and consoling him when people disagree with him. He tends to cry a lot and needs lots of "cuddle time".


Interested applicants should send a resume to: maxman@jetnation.com

What you really need mere Max is a janitor to clean up the mess that this threads like this one. The disgusting spooge of male ego and testosterone here make me want to hurl, truly disgusting and unsanitary.

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