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The Official JBF, Thor, Thai Jet Beat-off Thread

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Is it 4 or 5 games out in the wild-card? I lost track.

Maybe Arod will save his 500th HR for Saturday. I'll be in the box seats!


Will you be sitting between two fat guys?

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Fake80 is really coming off poorly here. As per usual, and shadowjet is really on thin ice. First he insults Bob's appearance, then he gets entire threads deleted, now this...

:rl: Shadow Jets is really a good guy in my book ( he's a semi pro footballer) and even though I don't think he'd admit it, I gotta think even he's laughing at that Bob/Flanders classic.

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Yet I get infractions for telling Chowds to **** off. This place is slowly reeking of JI.

:rl:That post of yours at JI HAD to be the funniest I EVER read. It was the poor Chowd basturds 1st post and you zapped him within a nano second. :rl: . A classic Jman.

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