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AROD's Quest for 500


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He needs to get this damn thing over with. He's obviously thinking about it at the plate, he's swinging at everything.

He hasnt had a hit since he's been on 499, the last thing the Yanks need is for Arod to be on the shnide for a while about this.

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but hey let's all remember that Conseco says he's on roids so we have to discredit him.

We have to believe everything Canseco tells us in his $29.95 books. :yawn:

his book was 30 bucks??? holy ****. i wouldn't pay more than $2.99 if i saw it at a used book store.

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speaking of A-rod's 500th, I was there at yankee stadium when he was stuck on 499

it was roger clemens vs the white sox and clemens gave up 8 runs before the end of the 2nd inning

yankees made it close though and lost like 13-9 i think......JEter didn't start that day but was a pinch hitter.

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