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Man, I'm glad that heat wave broke, etc.


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It's really comfortable out today, unlike the brutal weather we had earlier in the week. I was able to turn the A/C off last night, but I'm sure my ConEd bill next month will be heavy...I feel bad for the cats and dogs that had to walk around in fur coats.

So, now that you guys watched the first pre-season game, you shouldnt be Jonesing so bad for some football, right?

I am trying to decide whether to go to tc tomorrow. This might be the last week of any open practices, but the first practice after a game usually isnt very intense.

So, where the eff is GOB? South America? they have internet there, too, you know. He hasnt been here since memorial Day weekend, that's a while.

I heard a few horror stories about the parking deal at the game last night.

Should i stay or should i go?

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I had to turn the heat on in my truck this morning, it was chilly. Seriously! LOL!

Yes, I'm jonesing for football!

Go to TC tomorrow dude, please!

I plan on leaving my house at 7:00 or 7:30 opening day, which is 3 hours earlier than usual.

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