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STOP!!!! Online for Madden 08 Wii is broken!!

El Gringo Loco

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If anybody is planning on getting Madden 08 Wii to play online please stop and read some of these threads!

I purchased this game yesterday, played a couple online matches last night and everything was fine, today I get online and everything that could have gone wrong with it.. did!

It's near impossible to even get connected with an opponent, and if you do get lucky enough to find somebody that's when the real problems begin..lag, disconnects and glitches will greet you at the gates, just look at some of these threads I found on the EA forums!

"Unable to connect to opponents." http://forums.ea.com/mboards/thread.jspa?sls=2&tstart=0&threadID=264592

"EA. I want a massive update to MADDEN 08 Wii or I want my money back NOW!!!"


"Anybody else taking this game back?" http://forums.ea.com/mboards/thread.jspa?sls=2&tstart=0&threadID=264870

Ea had better come out with a patch damn soon, because online for Madden 08 Wii is a steaming pile of crap!!!!

Did these Moth**f***ers even beta test this junk??:fighting0038:

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I just found some info on it.


EA working to fix Madden 08 Wii online

“Now that Madden NFL 08 is available, the development team at EA is doing some tweaking to make sure our online experience is as smooth as possible. Since there is currently a high volume of people playing online, this is the best time for us to monitor and maximize the experience. As updates are taking place over the next 24 hours, some fans may experience an interruption in online play. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience as we make the necessary updates.” - EA

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