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help support a struggling artist who is also a jets fan!


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so gist of it is, my bro - who happens to be a HUGE Jets fan - is releasing his bands debut album which should be released on a wide scale (bestbuy, walmart) on August 28th.

I'm telling pretty much anyone who will listen about it and I call upon my fellow Jets fans for support! A company called Soundscan reports on record sales and the first two weeks of sales are ALL IMPORTANT to a bands funding and ability to "get out there."

well the band is called MINK. My bro is the singer and pretty much everyone else in the band is from Australia, all extremely talented at their respective instruments. They have a 21 yr old female drummer who plays hard and is awesome and wild in the live show. If you like old school rock (AC/DC, Stones) and wanna hear a modern band which is actually good (yeah, i'm bias), check them out.

If you have fifteen dollars to help support a band who made a CD you may very well really like - please pre-order or pick up a copy when it comes out - and be extra satisfied with the fact that you're supporting a band whose lead singer is a massive Jets fan!

Pre-order / preview songs here: http://www.amazon.com/Mink/dp/B000UA...036074&sr=1-58

p.s. - if you're myspace savvy, check out their song "pressure pressure" - it was featured on intros for ESPN's Baseball Tonight last fall during playoffs http://www.myspace.com/mink

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