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Former Seton Hall/Rockets star Eddie Griffin killed by train


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Former Rocket Eddie Griffin killed in crash with train

06:57 PM CDT on Tuesday, August 21, 2007

By Jeff McShan / 11 News

Former Houston Rockets forward Eddie Griffin was been killed in crash with a train last week 11 News confirmed Tuesday. Griffin, who spent two troubled seasons with the Rockets, crashed through a railroad crossing arm and collided with a train.

M_IMAGE.11432118fbd.93.88.fa.d0.58bb708f.jpg AP

Former Rockets forward Eddie Griffin was killed when his SUV collided with a train last week.

The Harris County Medical Examiner was unable to confirm his identity until they used dental records to positively identify him Tuesday.

According to Houston police, Griffin was driving a Nissan SUV in the 5300 block of Lawndale when he crashed through a railroad-crossing arm and was stuck by a train.

Griffin was pronounced dead on the scene, but his body was burned beyond recognition and there were no signs of identification in the car.

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He either was so damn drunk and or high that he thought he was buggin' out or something or he was depressed and this was a suicidal incident. How the F can you not see or hear a train coming? I mean, the guy drove through the damn things they stick out infront of the tracks when a train is coming. This is clearly a drug / drunk episode or suicide attempt that was successful.

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Wasn't this the guy that once got arrested for jerking off in his car?

I wonder if it was the same SUV. It's such a shame. That SUV should've ended up in the Hall of Fame.

yeah that was him...got arrested for DWI after crashing his SUV because he was driving while watching porn on his DVD player and spanking the money.

This train/SUV crash screams suicide. this kid was so messed up, he probably just had enough.

Side note...he was part of the best trade in Nets history. Nets sent him to Houston on draft day for Richard Jefferson & Jason Collins.

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