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DirecTV SuperFan w/ Internet Games?


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Honestly BZ...watching games on the internet sucks. I have a great connection, High quality HD monitor...but streaming games over the computer is not like watching it on TV.

It's choppy and the connection gets interrupted. This is my experience with MLB.TV Premium service, anyway.

If you are a die hard like me and can't take those distractions..and you need to see every moment of the game...then I say pass. But if you are out on business, or whatever it is on the weekends...then it might be suitable for you...but Superfan costs some serious coin.

I'm going to try my luck with the Sony LocationFree unit when it arrives either today or tomorrow, to see how the quality broadcasts from the cable to the computer.

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I don't plan on watching any of the games on the internet, but I wouldn't mind some of the DirecTV stuff.

My friend here in NYC is a huge Packers fan, and the thought was that we would split the cost ($50 each) and he could watch his games on the internet and I could enjoy some of the other stuff.

Plus I now have Sirius so could listen to that or give him that to listen to.

So many options.


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