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If sex was a cereal


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If I were cereal I would have to be M&M cereal.

Because I....ah nevermind. 10 bonus points to anyone who figures that out though.

melts in the mouth not in the hands? OY! tom must just be salivating

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it would be Marshmellow Madness Pebbles


Oh my Gggggggod. Sssssso gggggood! :lol:

Stop that ssssssstuff rrrrright now, missssssy. Ggggggrin. YIKES! :wink:

... it would be Honeycomb.


Get to Know Your Crazy Craving


Definition: An intense, urgent, desire or hunger.

Craver Fun Facts: Hobbies: Crunching, gulping, slurping, slamming bowls of sweet and crunchy Honeycomb

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1. Captain Crunch

2. Fruity Pebbles

3. Frosted Flakes

4. Smart Start

5. Honey Nut Cherrios

6. Raisin Bran

7. Lucky Charms

8. Frosted Mini Wheats

9. Apple Jacks

10.Coco Pebbles

All time Favorite....

Nerds Cereal. It came with 2 different flavors and the box was sperated like the candy.

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