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DMX meet Mike Vick


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DMX's House Raided, Cops Rescue 12 Pitbulls

Friday - August 24, 2007 by Dick Johnson


Maricopa County Sheriff deputies reportedly rescued 12 distraught pit bulls from DMX's Cave Creek, AZ residence this morning (August 24).

X (born Earl Simmons) wasn't present when the raid took place. Deputy sources also revealed that several weapons were found on the property, according to TMZ.

X has been embattled with the law for some time now. The Yonkers rapper has been arrested on several traffic violations in the last few years. He was also arrested in Denver back in 1999 on charges that he stabbed and shot his mother. The charges were eventually dropped.

X pleaded guilty to animal cruelty in New Jersey for reportedly neglecting 13 pit bulls. As part of his sentence he had perform public service announcements against animal abuse. The raid comes weeks after Atlanta Falcon quarterback Michael Vick was indicted for running a dog fighting operation. Vick has since plead guilty.

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So, as PFT talks about, is this at all related to Mike Vick? According to PFT (sorry I didn't read the entire plea deal) he agrees to "provide all information known to [him] regarding any criminal activity as requested by the government"

Anyone think the two are related?

from profootballtalk.com

POSTED 5:24 p.m. EDT, August 24, 2007


With Mike Vick pleading guilty to federal conspiracy charges and agreeing to "provide all information known to [him] regarding any criminal activity as requested by the government," is it a coincidence that one day after Vick signed the papers the house of rapper DMX was raided, and 12 "distressed" pit bulls were removed?

If Vick truly was a dog fighting "heavyweight," would Vick not know about other celebrities who engage in the sport?

It's possible that it really was a coincidence. But it's also possible that any and all high-profile sports and entertainment figures will soon be getting a visit from guys with guns and badges.

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