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PFT--- NKIE dumps Vick

Kentucky Jet

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On the day that Mike Vick reduced to writing his guilty plea on federal conspiracy charges relating to gambling and dog fighting, his biggest endorser finally cut ties with him.

Per Darren Rovell of CNBC.com, the folks at Nike could have cut Vick without penalty as soon as he was indicted.

So why did Nike wait more than a month to move? By the time he signed the paperwork admitting to his crimes, it was a no-brainer. If the company had the right to move on (sorry, but we're done with the "or move out" thing, at least for a few days) as of July 17, why didn't it?

Our guess is that Nike was trying to strike the delicate balance between its customers who might have been turned off by the company not cutting ties with Vick quickly and those who might have been angered by the perception that Nike turned its back on him too soon. We suspect that the P.R. folk at Nike were doing some discreet polling to figure out which group would be more upset and when, and eventually decided to dump him the moment that his guilt was clearly expressed in some type of a written document.

Let's face it. Nike wants all people to buy its shoes, and the Vick issue had become sufficiently divisive to require Nike to devise a strategy that minimized the number of lost sales. Some might view that as shallow and unprincipled. Others might view it as good business.

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