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****The Official Jets vs Giants Game Thread****


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Your nuts.... this will be a year long project...

this coming from a person who thinks chad penny has done a better job this preseason than clemens.

werent you ppl calling clemens a bust last year and i was the only clemen supporter on this forum. now what happened. chad is on a short leash. if chad keeps making rookie mistakes he will be replaced this season

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Just stop... you claim Clemens is a better option than Chad... based on what?

Stick to the facts Barton... :rolleyes:

I never said Clemens is better than Chad, or that he will be. I'm not gonna rehash my reasons why I think he should start, you know them already.

But stick to the facts, please.

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The WR had him burned, and that safety made a spectacular play.

The WR wasnt even looking for the ball and was tripping over himself... lol

Clemens threw it at his back.. and the safety cut across and picked it...

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