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Little League Word Series


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Exactly. Just a bunch of kids having fun and playing the game for the sake of playing it. It's before the years when high school ball starts and it starts to become more of a serious/business type atmosphere.

My baseball league in my town wasn't actually associated with Little League, so I would have never had the chance to participate in something like the LLWS. One thing I always wanted to do when I was a kid.

I didn't get a chance to see the last game, but if the American players were hugging Japanese players, then I think that's great sportsmanship on our part. These kids are 11,12 years old, so to say our country is being pussified because a few kids wanted to extend a hand to a bunch of kids that've never met from a country they've never been to is a joke. Maybe the reason 3/4 of the world thinks Americans are arrogant pr***s is because we aren't teaching our kids enough about qualities like sportsmanship and class, something these kids have a lot of.


When grow men on this board call 11 and 12 year old kids "pussies" because they are reacting with great emotion and sportsmanship, I wonder more about them than the kids they are criticizing.

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Continuing to be the biggest j/o on the board....

Yeah, I am a jerk off because I actually defend 12 year old kids from being called "pussies" from some "new order man".

Many mirrors in your house.

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How about you find where I called the kids pussies

Well, since you called the entire country "pussified" because of the actions of the Little League players, why don't you tell us exactly who they are then.

The umpires?

The parents?

The coaches?

Exactly who in your mind caused these children to behave in such a spontaneous way?

Who is to blame for this "pussification", as the term you used?

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This is turning into one of the most ridiculous threads EVER....

I mean seriously should these 12 year old kids just rub it in their face like everyone else does ? The genuine hugs probably didn't even make Sportscenter because it was not enough "Look at me, Look at me", Yeah you suck ha-ha"

For crying out loud they are 12 year old kids. You teach them sportsmanship. Heck I have seen grown men crying in the dugout when they got knocked out of the playoffs or World Series. (Wade Boggs, Freddie Patek).

Some of the folks on this board really make wonder what we have become as a society when you can't actuallly go out and comfort a foe after such a great game.

Great remarks.

I for one believe that there is way too much fraternization in major league sports. Players talking before games, visiting in old clubhouses, etc makes for strange bedfellows. Players playing a little less agressively in order to make sure you don't seriously injure someone. All of those things give appearances of diluting sports.

Players share agents, their is cross-pollination of players between teams because of trades and free agency. Greed is good, and there is enough to go around.

Contrary to that, is players hot dogging and showing others up. Flipping bats, watching and admiring homeruns. Some sportsmanship.

But, none of this should translate down to 12 and 13 year old kids playing a sport on a dusty diamond. When you have the culmination of months of sweat, and toil and dedication and a ton of fun, all of that goes out the window then.

And to remark negatively on a bunch of kids spontaneously reacting in a positive way, a positive way mind you, is just plain wrong.

We are bombarded with the stories of Michael Vick, Pac Man Jones and Barry Bonds on a daily basis. I try to shield my kids from these stories, but it is hard.

I wish that everyone would have the opportunity to coach young chidren's athletics. It is the most uplifting. Most life altering experince you can have. To have the ability to help grow a child in some positive way, I can't think of a better gift in life.

And regardless how a child reacts on the field, I will never judge, but only nurture. And I know that there are countless other supporters in that cause.

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Its the AYSO soccer mentality thats rubbing off on football, baseball and baskteball.

If every kid isnt satisfied its the end of the world. And yeah, the softy parents are moistly to blame.

Ask the Japanese kids if they felt "satisfied". I don't think so.

This is not WWII.

"SoftY" parents. I will suggest that you have never managed a youth athletics team. if so, you would not be commenting on "softy" parents.

Matt, are you even a parent? I don't know, so I ask.

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Not a parent, but I've coached kids before.

But parents are definitely a different breed these days when it comes to youth sports. Try reffing.

Im not exactly sure why every parent also feels the need they have to coach. Ive seen little league teams with 11 different coaches.

Maybe, again maybe, you have a point that there is a little too much "feel good' aspects in youth competitive sports. Again maybe. Maybe it is a little contrived.

But I always will take the side of building a child up, whenever you have that opportunity. Let's err on the side of being "soft".

On Sunday, what you saw was true raw emotion that was not forced or were the kids rehearsed to do this. They were on what will be for 99% of these kids the biggest stage they will ever be on, and emotion played out.

Have we become so PC that we now have to force our kids into what we feel is acceptable behavior after a dramatic sporting event? Is it so wrong that the small children, in embryonic stages of developing into adults display what they feel?

Why is that so bad?

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