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Fantasy Football RB Rankings


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The Troll: Number 15 Maurice Jones-Drew: Well, at least MJD has his rookie of the year award to fall back on. Oh, wait…they gave that to a different running back.

so i had to take this from his article, but it deserves a POTW nom, in my mind. Anyone who hasn't read his RB rankings should, its good stuff.

ps- beans, i would like to nominate the whole article, but it is a bit long, so i just grabbed this snipit. Do what you need to do good sir.

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Great job Troll.

Where are you on Marshall Lynch?

Many think he's gonna tear it up this year.



He would have been in my top 20, but it looks like they are going to go with a committee approach in Buffalo. That, and their schedule, is enough to scare me away from Lynch. The only Bill I would feel comfortable owning is Lee Evans.

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