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The MVP debate: Best Player vs Most Valuable AL Style


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The two biggest candidates (A-Rod and Mags) could both miss the playoffs.

One of the previous season's candidates (Ortiz), has a career high in BA (6th in the AL in batting), but his power numbers are down and until recently did not have too many clutch moments.

The Cy Young race is muddled with a handful of pitchers that can make a claim for the award, but none are having a season that is that much better then anyone else and would warrant the MVP discusions.

I think someone that deserves mentioning, especially if the Mariners hold onto the wildcard or wins the West: JJ Putz. They have mid-AL hitting, an ERA lower the the Yankees and 11th ranked AL fielding. They need him to be clutch.

A-Rod will probably win it, but it should be wide open. He is obviously the best player. Most Valuable? Ehhhh...not so much. He kept the Yankees from being 20 games behind in May vs 14.

IMHO in the end, when the the AL is balanced (relatively speaking) and you can make an argument for a handful of teams to win the pennant and possibly a WS, the lack of a clear cut (Ortiz in 2004 and 2005), the best player wins.

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Wang is 16-6. His ERA is below 3.90. If he finishes strong, and looking at the schedule, I believe he will, he will get into the Cy Young conversation.

But I agree about Putz, but not for MVP. He is the one dominant force on the M's. Unless they tank in September, and so far they look like they are in a rough patch, he should be a top candidate for Cy Young. No starter is dominant, above the others. And several guys may win 20, so that eliminates the Bartolo Colon (2005 season) issue, where he won 20 when no one else did.

MVP - A-Rod vs. Mags. No one else is really in the discussion right now.

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