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This is my team for JN Fantasy league #1


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So... Tell me what you all think

Starting QB-D.McNabb (Eagles)

Backup QB-T.Green (Dolphins)

Starting RB-C.Portis (Redskins)

Starting RB-S.Alexander (Seahawks)

Backup RB- D.Rhodes (Raiders)

Starting WR-H.Ward (Steelers)

Starting WR-C.Chambers (Dolphins)

Starting WR-J.Cotchery (Jets)

Backup WR-D.Hester (Bears)

Backup WR-M.Jones (Jaguars)

Starting WR/RB-R.Brown (Dolphins)

Starting TE-A.Gates (Chargers)

Backup TE-H.Miller (Steelers)

Starting D-L.Briggs (Bears)

Starting D-D.Ware (Cowboys)

Backup D-C.McCalister (Ravens)

Starting K-S.Grahm (Bengals)

Backup K-J.Brown (Seahwaks)

Any kind of feedback would be appreciated.

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