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Updated 53 man roster prediction

NY Jets Guy

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Offense: 25

QB: Pennington, Clemens, Tuiasosopo (3)

RB: Jones, Washington, Barnes, Tutt (4)

WR: Coles, Cotchery, McCareins, B Smith, Stuckey, Wright, Jackson (7)

TE: Baker, Ryan, Posciak (3)

OL: Brick, Mangold, Moore, Clement, Bender, Clarke, Smith, FA * (8)

*I think this is one position that they upgrade in free agency... an ROT.

Defense: 25

NT: Robertson, Mosley, Pouha (3)

DE: Ellis, K Coleman, Hicks, Hamilton (4)

LB: Vilma, Hobson, Barton, Harris, B Thomas, Bowens, Spencer, Kassell (8)

CB: Dyson, Barrett, Miller, Revis, Poteat (5)

S: Rhodes, E Coleman, E Smith, Washington, Ventrone (5)

Special Teams: 3

K: Nugent

P: Graham

LS: Dearth

Practice Squad 8:

CB Coleman (if elidgeable) or Collins

DL Devito

TE Kowalewski

OL Turner

QB Ratliff

RB Ware

LB Costanzo (if he is elidgeable) or Trunsik

OC Villani

Possible Changes:

Tui being cut would put B.Smith as the #2 QB, bring Ware up to the #3RB and put someone new onto the Practice Squad.

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