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My team in 12 team league...


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here is my team in a 12 team league that I run. this is in draft order, I had the 5th pick. starting roster is QB..RB..RB..WR..WR..TE..WR/RB..K..D

RB's are week after Gore. Need Barber on Dallas or, gulp, Jones to get hurt for me to have some depth at RB.

Round #...overall pick #...player...position

1.(5)Frank GoreRB 2.(20)Marvin HarrisonWR 3.(29)Drew BreesQB 4.(44)Carnell WilliamsRB 5.(53)Tony GonzalezTE 6.(68)Santana MossWR 7.(77)ChicagoDEF 8.(92)Julius JonesRB 9.(101)Mark ClaytonWR 10.(116)Leon WashingtonRB 11.(125)Jerricho CotcheryWR 12.(140)Matt SchaubQB 13.(149)Josh BrownK 14.(164)Marty BookerWR 15.(173)Owen DanielsTE 16.(188)Joe NedneyK 17.(197)New YorkDEF 18.(212)Maurice HicksRB

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